About Us

Iguassu Convention & Visitors Bureau was established in 2007 and is the result of the union of Foz do Iguaçu companies, Puerto Iguazú and Ciudad del Este. It is an entity focused on the Iguassu Destination marketing to promote the city and region attracting tourists and events. Nonprofit and nonpartisan totally purposes, ICVB is maintained by private enterprise belonging to the local tourist trade. Thus, it offers the best hiring choices of services, lodging, shopping, dining and tourist attractions in the city and region.

Mission, Values and Representation


Promote tourism, economic and social development of Foz do Iguaçu and region, through actions aimed at increasing tourist demand and generate business opportunities to members.


Ethics; honesty; transparency; professionalism; commitment; excellence; valuation of associates, employees and customers.


Is part of the production chain of Foz do Iguaçu and region, has 140 members who pay for this condition, distributed among the main active agents of the business segment and events.


Board of Directors

Fernando Martin

Altino Voltolini

Osvaldo Neto

Vilmar Andreola
Vice President

Candido Ferreira

Moacir Domingos dos Santos
Financial Director

Mauro Sebastiany

Odair Gonçalves
Managing Director

Paulo Angeli

Soraya Renee Faouakhiri
Events Director

Moacir dos Santos

Fernando Antonio Martin Maye
Visitors Director

Oclecidio Dias Junior

Newton Paulo de Abreu Angeli
Relationship Director

Advisory Board

Fernando Martin

Felipe Santiago Gonzales
Holder of the Board

Jaime Nascimento

Adelio Demeterko
Holder of the Board

Felipe Gonzalez

Paulo Eduardo Baldan
Holder of the Board

Camilo Perpétuo Rorato

Carmel Angelika Croukamp
Holder of the Board

Carlos Silva

Manuele Maria Fritzen
Holder of the Board

Manuele Fritzen

André Rafagnin da Silva
Holder of the Board

Odivan Sidimar Eggert

Licério Ferreira dos Santos
Holder of the Board

Supervisory Board

Simone Villanueva

Nilson de Nadai
Of the Fiscal Council

Cyntia Braga

Mauro Sebastiany
Of the Fiscal Council

Licério Santos

Fernando Coutinho
Of the Fiscal Council

Oclecidio Dias Junior

Thiago Luis Fernandez Perea
Of the Fiscal Council

Our Departments

  • Convention

    Department that is dedicated to increasing the tourist flow, generating business opportunities to members through prospecting events.

  • Visitors

    Department that carries out actions to increase the tourist flow and generating business opportunities to members by promoting Foz do Iguaçu as a leisure destination.

  • Relationship

    Department provides care to maintainers, providing information about our work and aids in the use of tools to Iguassu CVB offers, so that we are always aligned with their interests and projects.

  • Administrative and Financial

    Responsible for managing money and investments, conducts activities necessary to maintain the entity’s operation and thus enables our actions.

  • Support

    Assists other departments, is primarily engaged in making purchases. Even if we have profit, we apply our resources intelligently and responsibly.

  • Printed advisory

    Responsible for reporting to our associates and society, what we do and through media outlets, national and international, all that Foz do Iguaçu offers, either for pleasure or events.

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