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Become part of a group of companies that works for the development of the Iguassu Destination!

Generating improvements for the region and benefiting their own businesses by increasing the tourist flow and events holding. The Iguassu CVB is the result of the union of these companies.


10 Reasons to be associated with the Iguassu CVB

Assist in the city’s economic development

Tourism is one of the fastest growing activities in the world. In Foz do Iguassu this is no different, tourism creates jobs and is a major source of revenue of the municipality. Entities and partners act jointly and consistently to capture more visitors and events that feed this chain. For these actions to happen and benefit the whole, the Iguassu CVB has the support and financial investment of their Maintainers Partners. All money collected is invested in attracting events and promotion of the Iguassu Destiny.

Business opportunities

It is the mission of the Iguassu CVB work to increase the flow of tourists and generate business opportunities to its members. Thus simultaneously distributes the opportunities that are arising in their actions of capture and support for events, keeping relationship with the productive chain of tourism, national or international. Through a Opportunities Bulletin, proposals are requested with the requester data so the associated can start negotiations directly and immediately.

Expand your network and open new doors for your company

The Iguassu CVB acts as a business club, join this group which brings together experts from Iguassu Destination. This format leaves room for its members to exchange information, share experiences and work together to the benefit of their business. The interaction takes place in meetings and training sessions promoted by the organization, as well as sectoral meetings.

Access to event schedule

Has priority and full access to the information of the events that will be held in the city – raised and supported by ICVB. This calendar allows its members to prepare for the demands of the market and contact in advance the professionals responsible for conducting these events.

A destination in the media

In the communication, the Iguassu CVB works constantly to expand the exposure of Iguassu Destination on media in Brazil and worldwide. Every year are carried out approximately 20 reception actions of the media in the city. This generates an average attendance of 100 professionals, representatives of more than 50 vehicles in all industries and locations. The presstrips, as are called, are responsible for maintaining and movement of the citys image and its attractions, and generate to each action, exclusive content, as each journalist talks about his experience in the Land of the Waterfalls. In the institutional area, the communication department distributes information about the work done.

+ Events + Tourists + Business

The Events department works on research, funding, promotion and support to attract events of all sizes to the city. In constant contact with organizations, associations, companies, corporate agencies and organizers, the Iguassu CVB promotes the city, preparing application dossiers, specific materials that say why Foz do Iguassu is the ideal city for a particular event also has clear actions to support the promotion and implementation of events already confirmed. Directors and event organizers are invited to visit the on-site infrastructure offered, in the so-called Inspection Visits, products and services are provided directly to these professionals.

Brand Association

Associate your brand to one of Convention & Visitors Bureaus most actives in Brazil, either in attracting events, participation in trade fairs and investment promotion. Your brand will be present and will be disclosed in all promotional materials available: Site, Social Networks, Brochures, Maps and Dossiers Application.

Participation in major trade fairs

The Iguassu Destination participates in approximately 30 exhibitions throughout the year, national and international. The organization of these are made in partnership with the Municipal Bureau of Tourism and Itaipu Binacional. In this way, members of the Iguassu CVB can participate in some trade fairs, making direct contact with their customers, others are of institutional participation that aims at generating business for the Iguassu Destination businesses.

Increased tourist flow

For the Iguassu Destination to remain constantly in the shop windows and sales options of operators in Brazil and abroad, the Visitors department promotes the city as a put option. Every year Famtours – Touristic familiarization trip – are performed getting in Foz do Iguassu travel agents and operators to know the city, its attractiveness and sales possibilities. These visits help and give opportunity to the maintainer to perform direct contact with these professionals, generating business contacts and enabling enlarge their visitation. This work brings results to the entire city. Extends the tourist flow in the attractions, restaurants, lodging facilities, receptive and consequently move an entire production chain involved in supplying goods and services.

The ICVB needs you and your company need ICVB

The Iguassu CVB is an entity focused on the Iguassu Destination marketing to promote the city and region attracting tourists and events. Nonprofit and nonpartisan totally purposes, is maintained by private enterprise belonging to the local tourist trade. Thus, it offers the best hiring choices of services, lodging, shopping, dining and tourist attractions in the city and region. To offer the best options, needs the association of more companies that understand its proposal and assume the role of protagonists in a organized society.

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